DROMO | Web Design and Development | Video Production| Los Angeles | Creative Director – Christine Palma
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Creative Director – Christine Palma

Christine brings to the table over fifteen years of experience as a creative and technical consultant. She started as a creative who codes: a web designer and developer.


Today, she serves as creative director for DROMO projects. She is also actively involved with new business development. Her portfolio includes websites in markets as diverse as film, broadcast, online entertainment, and e-learning, to websites for art dealers and museums, for legal and financial institutions, to manufacturers’ catalogs and online storefronts for consumer goods and professional services.


Christine’s web projects include a long list of corporate brand names such as Warner Bros. Home Video, Warner Bros. Publishing, Warner Bros. Studio Store, The Picture Mill, Ruby-Spears Productions, Kino Flo Lighting, and Ambow Corporation.


Years of experience developing online properties has given Christine an insight into the special demands and opportunities presented by the web. She has a strong understanding of client dynamics and expectations. On a functional level, she has a solid grounding in tested methods for managing interactive accounts – from the proposal stage, through the design and production period and through beta testing, to launch and promotion, and to maintenance of legacy sites and proper documentation. Christine has a true understanding of the hard work involved to launch a successful website, of the amount of time each step requires, and an appreciation for what each member of the web team contributes.


In addition to web design and development, Christine worked for several years in the Hollywood special effects and commercial production industry. She has managed creative and technical teams of motion graphics and animation artists. Projects include main title graphics for film and broadcast, and motion graphics for trailers and commercials. Projects and clients include Borat, The Queen, Charlotte’s Web, Disney Interactive and Miramax Films.


Christine has a liberal arts degree in English from Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, with a minor in Studio Arts. Her formal education is supplemented by design, programming, and multimedia specific courses. In 2015, Christine went through General Assembly’s Web Development Immersive program to become a full stack developer. In 2017, she added formal training in User Experience Design to her skill set.