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Company Info


DROMO, a Los Angeles-based design studio and consultancy, works with our clients to find business solutions through solid web strategy, effective technology, intelligent design, and engaging content.



We offer a thoughtful approach to the business solution, one that looks towards the future. We actively engage the client in the process of defining and understanding how overall site goals, design goals, branding, user interface and technical goals will fit in with the big picture of their business strategy. The solution is always wholly satisfying because it comes as the logical conclusion to a process that is realistic, clarifies and makes sense of design and technical decisions, and in many ways, streamlines the path to the long term success of the project and of their company’s goals. Our clients have the confidence of knowing that they have saved time, money, and resources by doing it right the first time. We build scalable solutions that anticipate and will adapt gracefully to the future needs of our clients.


For many of our clients, this will be their first entry into e-business. We hope to demystify the process and provide the necessary tools and understanding of the medium that will allow them to seize upon the competitive advantages the web offers. For our more web savvy clients, we hope that we can bring to bear our strong track record for follow through, cost consciousness, and our deep commitment to the designer-client relationship.